Fei (Philip) Hu

Loan Factory

Phone: (626) 375-8773

Licensed state: California


About me

I go by Fei or Philip so feel free to use whichever feels most comfortable. I have been in the residential mortgage industry for over 9 years now with a heavy background in residential loan processing and underwriting. This means I am extremely familiar with what documentation is required prior to hearing back from the lender based off the initial loan application and supporting documents which allows for speedy/timely closing of your loan application. Purchase transactions can be quite hectic with their negotiated deadlines so having someone with my background will be very beneficial. I have experienced a vast amount of different loan scenarios which means it is highly likely that I may be of great assistance to you, your friends, family, and/or coworkers.

I pride myself on providing swift and efficient service and communication. My goal is to provide you with such positive experience that I become your dedicated residential financing professional for life. You can reach out to me whenever you have any financing inquiries regardless of actual transaction taking place or not. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you and to hopefully build a lifelong relationship.

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