Rick Momsen

Loan Factory

Phone: (808) 463-1059

Licensed state: Arizona, California


About me

I’ve been a strategic loan consultant for a number of years and love being able to help people not only achieve their dream of homeownership but also ensure that you’re in the best long term financial position for your home.

I specialize in self-employed borrowers and investment property refinances and purchases that can be potentially more detailed and intricate loans but that being said I love doing traditional home refinancing and purchases.

A little about my background. I was born in the UK, I’ve lived in Australia, Canada, Brazil, Caribbean and Tahiti and before moving to Arizona a couple years ago, I lived in Maui, Hawaii. I had a jazz club and a Tapas bar in Vancouver, Canada for a number of years and sold those after the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver and was involved with Art Galleries in Maui and opening a large fine dining restaurant. In Arizona I was the Finance Director for a large green developer. All of these required an extensive knowledge of finance and business operations which I bring to the table now as, hopefully, your home finance consultant.

Unlike most loan officers, I pride myself on keeping in touch, ensuring that you’re always in the best possible position and am always available if you have any questions or need help putting together a strategy to build yourself a strong property portfolio putting yourself in a fantastic financial position for years to come.

Look forward to working with you and call, text or email me now and let me know how I can help.

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